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Anna & Andrew Raff

Meet the Raff’s the farmers behind your purchase.

Operational for over 55 years “Raff Angus” raises Angus cattle in the South East of King Island. Passionate about cattle genetics, sustainable practices and utilising what the island has to offer to it’s fullest potential the Raff family embody what it means to be a King Island producer under the JBS Farm Assurance program.

“For the past two years, we’ve been in a transition, fencing off vegetation, and conducting rotational grazing. Our current goal is to be carbon positive, not just carbon neutral. With this in mind, we’ve invested in equipment to fast-track this.” Andrew Raff

“The consistency of seasons with the weather and rainfall (high production and carrying capacity), unique lifestyle, moderate temperature variance, clean green pristine environment and having come from QLD the peaks and troughs of the seasons (feast or famine) are truly appreciated by what King Island offers due to the variability of KI. King Island has the marketability of the 100% grass fed product, and the provenance story. Natural borders for protection against illness risks. Now being located in an environment we can 100% grass fatten cattle, we can now evaluate the carcass data and truly benchmark the angus genetics – identifying sire lines and make genetic gains through the objective carcass measurement. Our herd will be reported through actual information not by a scientific genetic assumption (EBVs, formulations of pedigree). King Island is its own microclimate, and very little variances – perfect to grow grass and cattle.” Andrew Raff

The livestock producers are a critical partner in the King Island Beef brand. In line with the laws of Tasmania, the use of added hormones (also known as HGPs) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is strictly prohibited on King Island, so consumers around the world should feel confident when they enjoy King Island Beef it is as nature intended – all natural.

But the farmers for King Island Beef go one further – they are JBS Australia Farm Assured, which means they have successfully passed a 3rd party audit to further ensure a consistent quality of product and the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.