Great Southern

Within the Great Southern Family, Great Southern is our parent brand. The Great Southern brand is more than just a label, it’s a promise. A promise to source beef only from accredited farmers and only from the lush, fertile southern pastures of Australia including Gippsland, King Island, Flinders Island and Tasmania.

A promise to rigorously and continuously uphold the standards that have made Great Southern universally recognised as a stamp of quality for our discerning customers.

In addition to King Island Beef, there are three other specialty brands in the Great Southern Family…

Hereford Boss

Hereford beef has long been recognised for its superb texture and tenderness. That’s why only beef from cattle verified 100% Hereford can be considered worthy of the Hereford Boss name.

Hereford Boss is an innovative partnership between producers, processors and end users that delivers a superlative beef brand proudly endorsed and supported by industry stakeholder organisation Herefords Australia.

Great Southern Pinnacle

Like the name suggests, there is nothing standard about Great Southern Pinnacle. We insist on the highest quality British and European cattle breeds – only the top 2-3% of cattle graded in Australia by MSA meet the Pinnacle brand requirements.

This has led to Great Southern Pinnacle becoming one of the most in demand beef brands by Australia’s leading chefs and specialty butchers.

Great Southern Pinnacle is rich in flavour, with a marble score of 2+, free from substances consumers want to avoid, and will give diners a truly memorable eating experience.

Little Joe

In the game of craps, rolling a four with two twos is colloquially known as a Little Joe. This moniker is the perfect way to represent our premier beef brand – because of its marble score of 4+.

There’s less than 3% chance of rolling a Little Joe, a highly unusual occurrence and a feat near impossible to replicate – just like Little Joe beef.

King Island is famed for its fresh air, fine produce and growing tourism industry. King Island Beef is part of this story…

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