Meet some of our partnering farmers.

Fred and Shona Perry

What does it mean to you to be a proud supplier of King Island Beef?

For Fred and Shona Perry, to be successful in farming you have to be very family conscious. Everyone has to be happy in the family. There’s no way you can make a farming business successful if the family isn’t happy.

You also have to be dedicated and prepared to lock into the long term. There aren’t any short, quick fixes. You’ve got to be able to adjust to the climate. Go with nature, go with the seasons and don’t try to fight them. Work with the environment, not against it.

With that in mind, they’ve created a bird haven – which consists of 24 species of birds living on the farm year-round and up to 40 species using the farm throughout the year. They use that as a monitoring point on their property. Fencing the waterways and being conservation minded has made a huge difference to their farming.

The other thing that’s made a huge difference is keeping up with modern ideas and technology, and not burying their heads in the sand. Fred is very dedicated to his profession of farming and feels you can never stop learning – and JBS has been very helpful in that area…

Fred ‘I find the JBS Farm Assurance Program one of the most important farming programs that I’ve been into since I started farming 50 years ago. People have become more food conscious and if we didn’t have this quality assurance program, we’ve got nothing to back ourselves up. One of the biggest downfalls of the red meat industry before this program was that you couldn’t guarantee the quality of supply.’

In Fred’s mind, JBS has been a major contributing factor to his success. That’s why he is happy to support his local brand – King Island Beef.

Poulsens – Mark, Anita, and Greg

What does it mean to you to be a proud supplier of King Island Beef?

The Poulsens – husband and wife team Mark and Anita, and Mark’s brother Greg – had cattle farms near St George, Queensland but they made the life-changing decision to move interstate. All of the family members are happy with that decision and are loving life on King Island.

Anita ‘We moved four states to be here. It was a big thing to do and a huge leap of faith. But it was well worth it. Sometimes, I like to take a moment to sit up on top of a coastal hill and just look around at the storybook scenery.’

Greg ‘One of the reasons for the move was that we were interested in producing grass-fed cattle. Being able to see our cattle roaming free, grazing as they please, brings a smile to my face.’

Mark ‘Because King Island is such a close-knit community, we see our JBS representatives quite often – which helps us to develop a great relationship and improve the quality of our beef.’

The family thinks it was well worth moving because they can see the benefits of selling under the King Island brand. They welcome getting the recognition for their efforts that they deserve. They also can see and appreciate that King Island Beef does a lot of the hard work for their farmers – like high quality marketing and feedback – that makes a real difference.

And the Poulsens get to continue doing what they love.

Peter Watson

Peter Watson

What does it mean to you to be a proud supplier of King Island Beef?

Peter was born on King Island, as was his father and grandmother. He, his wife and his children all grew up here. The island is something Peter feels a very close connection to, the only place he has ever called home.

His family have lived on his farm for three generations and he hopes it will stay in his family forever. He walks around the farm reminiscing sometimes, remembering back to when he was 8 or 9 years old, and thinks it would be nice for his kids to have the same experience when they get older.

Peter believes that on King Island, community is very important. Generally, everyone pitches in to help if anyone is undergoing any hardship. It’s a safe place to raise kids and has perfect conditions for producing and fattening cattle – the place is clean and green all year round.

Peter really values his relationship with JBS. Getting their feedback helps him a lot when it comes to treating cattle. And Boyd Hoare, the JBS Livestock buyer on King Island, is always willing to lend a hand. He helps Peter load his cattle, and even drives a truck for him if needed. Peter appreciates the fact Boyd goes above and beyond what you would normally expect.

In 2018, Peter won an award as JBS Producer of the Year for the Southern Australia region. Peter puts it down to following the JBS Farm Assurance guidelines.

Peter ‘You’re trying to do a good job so why would you go outside of the JBS parameters and not do it properly. It’s much better if you’re doing it the JBS way –collaboration, sharing of knowledge, training and insights – it leads to getting you a better result.’