At King Island Beef, we understand beef connoisseurs – discerning consumers who are not prepared to compromise when it comes to beef quality and who demand that it be the indisputable centre of attention when it comes to fine dining.

Nothing is more important to us than giving beef connoisseurs the opportunity to indulge this passion. This is why we have chosen to partner with an elite group of select award-winning restaurants around Australia who have been given year-round access to King Island Beef.

With regard to our partner restaurants, our key focus is on having and following a common philosophy – we are both passionate about paying homage to great tasting beef and giving recognition to the exclusive location it is sourced from.

We respect their technique and craftsmanship, the criteria we use for choosing restaurants to join our team. We trust our partners to work with passion and pride, heart and soul, just like we do. And we have a joint commitment – to work together to ensure a patron never leaves dissatisfied with a beef dish.

Our partner restaurants are all renowned for attention to detail, for serving a succulent and tender cut of King Island beef, cooked to perfection. For beef dishes that truly welcome patrons. Mouth-watering dishes, with a juicy texture and sublime flavour.

Each restaurant’s beef dish has its own story to tell, but each has the same memorable theme – they all hero King Island Beef.