The JBS Farm Assurance programme has been developed in conjunction with customers and suppliers to cater for the changing global markets. Consumers are placing more emphasis on food products that are fresh, wholesome, and safe and have been produced under acceptable animal welfare practices.



The JBS on farm QA program allows customers to have trust in the product we produce in regards to Food Safety, Quality, Animal Welfare and Traceability.

All King Island Beef is produced under the JBS Farm Assurance Program. Established in 2011, this program is at the heart of our customer-focused culture – to provide tender, juicy, full-flavoured beef while at the same time ensuring our producers consistently achieve best practice when it comes to meeting food safety and animal welfare standards.

Not only do we have our own corporate governance systems that are uncompromising when it comes to exceeding expected standards – we also have an extra layer of protection with our three-tiered third-party audited QA system.

JBS Farm Assurance is ISO/IEC 17065 accredited, the world standard in farm verification programs. No other Australian company or brand has this accreditation.

King Island Beef is in the top 10% of all MSA graded beef in Australia. MSA measures eating quality for tenderness, juiciness and flavour.

AsureQuality, an internationally recognised inspection organisation owned by the New Zealand government, independently certifies that all farms in the JBS Farm Assurance Program are compliant with the program’s protocols.

Because of the JBS Farm Assurance Program, customers can always be 100% certain about the quality and reliability of the King Island Beef brand.

King Island is famed for its fresh air, fine produce and growing tourism industry. King Island Beef is part of this story…

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