John Daniels

Meet John Daniels the farmer behind your purchase. 

Located in central King Island John Daniels is sole operator and manager of an Angus property.

John speaks of the stable climate and drought free nature of the island that allows for great farming conditions. The climate is one thing, but the real and interesting people that make up the community on King Island also makes John passionate about farming on the island.

“When it comes to sustainability, we like to focus on doing the basics well. Waterways are fenced (sea elephant river), major waterways are all fenced, 9000 acres of untouched native vegetation, all water from troughs” John Daniels

The livestock producers are a critical partner in the King Island Beef brand. In line with the laws of Tasmania, the use of added hormones (also known as HGPs) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is strictly prohibited on King Island, so consumers around the world should feel confident when they enjoy King Island Beef it is as nature intended – all natural.

But the farmers for King Island Beef go one further – they are JBS Australia Farm Assured, which means they have successfully passed a 3rd party audit to further ensure a consistent quality of product and the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.