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Meet Raymond Perry the farmer behind your purchase. 

Located in the East of King Island Raymond Perry runs family property ‘Stronicks’. Raising Angus and Hereford cross cattle Raymond is passionate about proving Australians clean and sustainable protein.

On farm sustainable practices that Raymond has adopted include fencing off trees, vegetation and creeks, giving paddocks shelter through shelter belts. Shelter belts, which are fence lines that are lined with trees and shrubs that allow protection to native animals, including kangaroos, possums and birds. This protected vegetation encourages native fauna and flora to thrive.

“As a proud Australian, I have a passion for providing clean and sustainable protein to my fellow Aussies.

We’ve put in place a variety of sustainable farming practices, such as fencing off trees, vegetation and creeks, and making sure all paddocks have shelter. We make it a point to try to protect kangaroos, possums and birds, and encourage the growth of native fauna and flora.” Raymond Perry

The livestock producers are a critical partner in the King Island Beef brand. In line with the laws of Tasmania, the use of added hormones (also known as HGPs) and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) is strictly prohibited on King Island, so consumers around the world should feel confident when they enjoy King Island Beef it is as nature intended – all natural.

But the farmers for King Island Beef go one further – they are JBS Australia Farm Assured, which means they have successfully passed a 3rd party audit to further ensure a consistent quality of product and the highest standards of animal welfare are maintained.